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Automotive Dehumidification

A well-designed humidification system will help the automotive manufacturer in many ways and in various areas throughout the plant

Correctly humidifying several areas within an automotive manufacturing environment can help improve the finish on bodywork, speed sanding operations and assist in engine testing.

By maintaining paint spray booths at 72% relative humidity (%rH) optimum paint transfer takes place between the spray guns and the bodywork. This will improve the finish and decrease the amount of sanding required.

A relative humidity in sanding areas of 55%rH will stop static electricity buildingup and help prevent dust from the sanding process adhering to bodywork. It can also reduce ambient temperatures by as much as 40

Benefits of humidification for the automotive industry include:

Reduced static build-up
Prevents airborne dust from being attracted to the surface of bodywork
Improve bodywork finish
Reduce ambient temperatures
Ability to provide innovative custom solutions for unique processes
Low energy systems to reduce operating costs and improve humidity control
Employee health, reduced absentism