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Green House Dehumidification

Jay Jagannath Air Equipments develops and manufactures energy efficient climate control systems for greenhouse.

Dehumidification is an essential part of greenhouse climate control. High humidity is a cause of diseases which ultimately reduce the quantity and quality of production. The risk of diseases affecting the crop increases when crops are wet. The humidity surrounding the crop differs since the air temperature in the greenhouse is not homogenous.

This heterogeneity should be minimised for this reason by a proper greenhouse climate management. Part of it cannot be resolved as a result of physical laws. Therefore, humidity control is needed. Humidity control increases energy consumption during heating periods.

The work presented describes energy-saving measures to dehumidify a greenhouse where also the practical and economical feasibility are considered. .

Benefits of Greenhouse Dehumidification

Humidity control
Energy savings
Optimal homogeneous climate conditions
Growing tool
Better yield- quality and quantity
Prevention of humidity diseases and reducing the need for pesticides
Less CO2 loss
Saving working hours
Greener environment and sustainability
Organic premium-optional
Increases in density
Re-use water (45 L/h)